Join us for a Regional Public Open House and Share Your Voice on the Region's Transit

Join us on the following days at the following locations on the following times. Try your hand at route planning! Weigh in on CET's vision and goals that shape future service decisions. Talk about bus stops and places new service should be prioritized.

Regional TAC Meeting #1

  • Deschutes County: La Pine Library – 1/15/19
  • Jefferson County: Jefferson County Library – 1/17/19
  • Redmond: Redmond Chamber of Commerce – 1/22/19
  • Warm Springs: Warm Springs Community Center – 1/23/19
  • Crook County: Crook County Library – 1/24/19
  • Bend: Trinity Episcopal Church – 1/29/19

More information about the schedule for upcoming meetings is found on the Meetings page.

Can't make it in person? Participate in the Virtual Open House - Click Here to participate online from January 7th - February 3rd. ¿Necesita una traducción al español? Haga clic aquí

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Posted December 22nd, 2018