The public outreach process continues to the second round

As the project team evaluates public input from January on their priorities and needs for CET services, they are preparing for the second round of outreach coming up in March.

Join us on the following days/times at the locations listed below. Try your hand at short-term planning! Weigh in on CET's strategy for implementing previously-developed projects over the next few years. Talk about where existing services should be enhanced and new service should be prioritized in the short-term.

Local Open House #2

  • Deschutes County: Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire Station – 3/12/19
  • Jefferson County: Jefferson County Library – 3/13/19
  • Warm Springs: Warm Springs K-8 Academy – 3/14/19
  • Crook County: Crook County Fire and Rescue Department - 3/19/19
  • Redmond: Redmond Public Library – 3/20/19
  • Bend: Trinity Episcopal Church – 3/21/19

More information about the schedule for upcoming meetings is found on the Meetings page.

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Posted February 23rd, 2019